Theresa May Remain Remoaner
Theresa May campaigned strongly for Remain during the EU Referendum - photo - Twitter

Okay, let us supply some simple logic that most people will understand.

Remoaners/Remainers do not want a Brexit. They do not want to leave the European Union.

Makes no sense

So, here’s the clincher. If these people, these Remoaners are against Brexit at all costs, why is the PM Theresa May, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, over half the Cabinet in charge of Brexit?

Who thought up this piece of illogical nonsense?

It has to be said that behind the scenes must reside a chief Remoaner who is directing this farcical tragedy, and they are responsible for putting these Remoaners into the pot to stir things up.

There is no logic in letting a Remoaner fifty feet within a Brexit negotiation. That’s like asking your enemy’s collaborator to come and discuss an important war strategy meeting against your enemy.

It is therefore a valid supposition that the reason for instating Remoaners into the high positions dealing with Brexit, is to completely thwart the process, and at the moment, it seems to be working very well.

If there was to have been a real Brexit, Remoaners would have been kept well away, because they are actively working against Britain’s interests, and seek to destroy any thought of a proper Brexit as voted by 17.8 million voters on June 23, 2016 during the EU Referendum.

Solution: Unless there is an immediate removal of Remoaners from the Brexit proceedings and governmental control, then there will not be a Brexit, but Brexit can be achieved if these Remoaners are removed. That is the only way a real Brexit can occur. The likelihood of this happening at the moment are however very slim, simply because the Brexiteers we have in the mix do not seem to want to make any sort of move to oust the quislings. Until they remove the Remoaners, there will be big problems resulting in a ‘Brexit In Name Only’ (BRINO) or in other words a ‘Soft Brexit’, where the UK is still controlled by the EU.