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Chinese Virus Pandemic: A Prayer For India…

NEW DELHI - India - Covid-19, the Chinese Virus is spreading fast across the country devastating people's lives and India's health system.


One can only feel a profound sadness for a country which is so rich in colour, diversity and culture, a land ultimately linked to human history as it is being ravaged by the Chinese Virus.

The Indian health service is inundated, crumbling under the sheer weight of Coronavirus patients turning up at its doors. It is in such a poor state, a journalist from Uttar Pradesh Province tweeted as he desperately tried to get help with his oxygen levels in his blood dropping to a low of 35. If one’s blood oxygen levels go below 95 is a worry. The poor man never received any help and literally died as he tweeted his last oxygen level.

There are no ambulances, as the cursed Chinese Virus ravages through cities with the precision of a butcher’s knife.

It seems the Indian B.1.617 variant of Covid-19, a double mutation called L452R is much more infectious than its original Wuhan cousin.


From January to March 2021 people in India have eased off the lockdown period and social distancing has been a thing of the past. People have been congregating in close proximity with each other with no precautions, and now this latest purge of the population is the answer.

Religious festivals like the Kumbh Mela where over 50 million Indians congregate on the banks of the Ganges are also in play, and the government is nearly powerless to stop the mass gatherings. One can only imagine the mass spread of the Chinese Virus amongst the worshippers, especially the asymptomatic superspreaders out and about spreading the Chinese Virus far and wide unknowingly.

One can only imagine the sheer delight in Beijing as they gleefully watch the destruction their virus is meting out onto their enemy. A war is being fought in proxy, and the Chinese Virus is doing its job very well, not only in India but across the entire globe right now.

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