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Virus Outbreaks Explained: Build Up of Covid Potency and Population Spread

LONDON - England - Outbreaks of coronavirus do not just suddenly happen. There is usually a gentle build-up of the virus first before the severely infected start appearing in hospitals.


Why are there sudden Covid viral outbreaks, for example like in India? How long does an outbreak take to brew? Why does the virus suddenly stop then restart?

The virus wears itself out after a mass killing spree eventually slowing down its rate of infection due to fewer bodies to infect, but the virus takes months to brew in populations until breaking out once again. This is not scientifically proven, but just a theory gleaned from observation over time.

The virus needs to increase its numbers to a certain level of infectious potency to be effective, and this takes approximately three months. Therefore, a population will claim they are free from infection and end lockdown. The act of ending of a lockdown will give the virus time to regroup and start infecting the populace who think the pandemic is over. The young who are less susceptible to being hospitalised will have the role of being superspreaders to the older generations and vulnerable (depending on the virus strain). With more human footfall and mixing in close quarters, the virus will build up its strength once again, slowly and silently infecting multiples of people. Once reactivation occurs, the virus may also mutate as it learns to evade the human antibody system more efficiently. The virus may also increase its potency as required, but this would be dangerous to the virus as it spreads in the early stages, because then it will be detected easier. As for Covid testing, the lateral tests usually deployed are not accurate indicators of infection, simply because of many false results, as well as the ability to become infected immediately after testing, therefore if you test negative to the Covid-19 virus one minute, the next, if you come into contact with the virus, you will be infected, yet still have a negative all-clear result to your name. Mass testing would therefore be a godsend for the virus, as it would allow a faster spread because people will think they have a negative result and become more complacent. The same goes for vaccinations. Complacency creeps into the vaccinated population who begin to take more risks once again, eventually succumbing to the virus.

Once the virus, as a collective has reached as many humans as it can, then the months of growth are accentuated and the human casualties start to be seen by the statisticians and government officials. This is when the virus speeds up its deadly process, because once detected, the collective virus knows the jig is up and that the human population may go into another shutdown scenario, so the virus has to act quickly to eliminate as many humans as it can before the humans shut off its food source.

During an outbreak, most sensible governments will conduct a comprehensive lockdown, and this will occur whilst the infected are dropping like flies. Eventually, after the dead are long buried, and the fearful humans are hiding away in their houses, the virus will not be able to spread and the outbreak will again slow down, possibly moving into a state of stasis in certain pockets of the population, but thanks to International travel and commerce, the virus will continue to spread yet lie relatively dormant, undetected until the humans think the virus has been defeated once again, and they re-emerge from their lockdown.

Rinse and repeat. Humans emerge from lockdown thinking everything is back to normal again. The dormant virus wakes up once again as its human food source is out and about. It takes another three or four months to build up viral infections to a good enough value of potency to start its killing spree once again…and on and on…ad infinitum.

The virus’ current food supply stands at 7.9 Billion.

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