New Meghan Markle Book ‘The Stench’ Gets Rave Reviews

LOS ANGELES - USA - Meghan Markle has debuted her new book called 'The Stench' to rave reviews from reviewers who were paid large sums of cash.


Meghan Markle has only gone and done a Fergie, with her version of ‘Budgie the little helicopter’. The only similarity between the two authors is they are both disgraced former members of the royal family.

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Sarah Ferguson (Twitter)

“Meghan Markle’s new book is a delight, although there is something slightly wrong with it. Well, how can I say this. Ahem! It smells of poo! I suppose that’s why it is called ‘The Stench’,” prominent book critic, Barners Barnstorme, revealed in his weekly book review column.

In fact, ‘The Stench’ stinks so much some bookshops have elected to display the book in a hermetically sealed glass case so that prospective buyers are not put off too much. It gives off a horrible stench of betraying fatherhood, as Markle has treated her own father despicably, and has ruined Harry and Charles’ relationship completely.

Publisher, Sea Lion, were adamant that their money invested in Markle would eventually pay off, even though her book is a blatant rip off of this one.

“We got this urgent call that Meghan was planning a 17th bathroom for her Montecito McMansion, and she wanted to raise funds fast. Naturally, we obliged, it makes no sense to have less than 17 bathrooms in your mansion. Forget about other brilliant authors who may be starving or have genuine talent, Markle is the Duchess of Sussex, even though she has never in her life visited Sussex or plans to ever visit in the future.”

Get your copy of ‘The Stench’ right now, but don’t forget the nose pegs.