BREAKING – Prince Harry Lost in One of 16 Bathrooms

LOS ANGELES - USA - Former prince Harry is currently missing in his Californian mansion, feared lost in one of 16 bathrooms.

16 bathrooms
One of the luxury bathrooms amongst 16 in the Californian mansion purchased by Harry and Meghan

There has been an emergency at the Californian mansion recently purchased by Meghan and Harry involving one of 16 bathrooms.

For the past 48 hours, former prince Harry has been missing, it is said that he has been lost in one of the 16 bathrooms in the mansion.

Senior aide, Brad Fuhrer, was adamant that the situation was under control.

“We have been searching each room in the mansion, and the numerous bathrooms, however this takes time. We fear Harry accidentally locked himself in one of the bathrooms, but because they are so far apart from each other, even if he is shouting he will not be heard.”

Earlier on in the day today, someone did hear a shout from the East Wing, but on further inspection they did not find anything.

“We have assembled a team of servants to look for Harry. The time it takes to walk around the mansion is so long though, we have even equipped them with walkie-talkies. Hopefully Harry will turn up in one of the bathrooms. At least he has water, but alas has not eaten for 48 hours now,” another aide revealed.

Meanwhile, Netflix upon hearing of the news, have commissioned a five part series drama based on real life events around Harry and the 16 bathrooms.

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