Why I Had to Holiday Abroad During a Global Pandemic

SPAIN - Taking a holiday during a global pandemic where many variants of viruses are spreading is essential for many.

global pandemic virus holiday

It’s in my programming as a consumer. I have to follow the herd at all costs. I am also affected by advertising and have to buy things that they tell me to buy. It does not matter that there is a global pandemic of a deadly virus with multiple strains raging across the planet, or in the country where I holiday, simply because my consumer programming is too strong — I have to do it.

Programming to be a consumer starts at an early age, as does the programming to be a tax slave, work yourself to the bone and die, of course not before you have produced more little consumers and tax slaves into the system.

You are considered a failure if you have not become a fully compliant tax slave and consumer who holidays every year. If the neighbours do it, you have to also.

The crowded airports, long delays, crowded polluted trash filled beaches, crowded bars may be conduits for the spread of the virus, but I do not care, my consumer programming is too strong. In fact, dying or spreading the virus during a global pandemic is the least of my worries, because my selfish need for a holiday in some overcrowded tourist toilet is too strong to suppress.