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Millions Britons Queue to Get Infected by Coronavirus

LONDON - England - As the pubs and shops open, people are now queueing to get infected and spread the virus further.

The Coronavirus is Feeding Very Well Right Now Thanks to End...

NOTTINGHAM - England - Now is the time for the coronavirus to continue its feeding frenzy as the population ends lockdown.

Globe Must Prepare Now For Next Pandemic

LONDON - England - Global governments must prepare right now for the next deadly zoonotic pandemic which will emerge very soon.

End of Lockdown is the Refuelling Time For Virus

LONDON - England - The end of lockdown is a crucially necessary time for the virus to refuel and infect more people once again.

Here We Go Again: First Bird Flu H5N8 to Human Transmissions...

MOSCOW - Russia - The first instance of bird flu to human transmission has been recorded at a poultry farm in the country.

New Covid Strain: “Whole Wards of Children in Hospital”

LONDON - England - Whole wards of some hospitals are now full of children suffering from the new Covid-19 strain, which affects young people as much as adults.

Imagine the Fear of a Child or Teacher Forced to Go...

LONDON - England - Children and teachers will be forced to go back to school after the Christmas holidays amid a second wave pandemic that is completely out of control in the UK.

New Covid Strain With 17 Mutations Could Have Originated in Denmark...

KENT - England - A new prominent Covid-19 strain has as many as 17 new mutations, and could have originated in Denmark mink farms.

Does New COVID Virus Strain Make Current Vaccine Useless?

KENT - England - A new COVID virus strain has been announced in South-East England. Could the new vaccine be useless now?

Bored in Permanent Lockdown? Play COVIDOPOLY for Hours of Family Fun...

BRISTOL - England - COVIDOPOLY is an innovative take on the famous property-based game, and is released by Home Leisure Direct for free.

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