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Monday, February 22, 2021
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British Travel Curbs on France Causing Holidaymakers to Sail Channel in...

CALAIS - France - Over 500,000 British holidaymakers are scrambling to get back to Britain after France was put on the quarantine list of countries.

Germans Closing Some Schools After Teacher Catches Coronavirus

LUDWIGSLUST - Germany - Schools have been shut down in some German cities after teachers and pupils were found to carry the COVID-19 pathogen.

Welcome to Hell On Earth

BOURNEMOUTH - England - If there is a hell on earth - this is it. Packed like thousands of sardines in the sand, the COVID-19 virus is having a field day as the human offerings eagerly serve themselves up.

Children Are Humans Too

LONDON - England - On the advent of schools being forced to open whilst the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, children will become infected and spread the virus far and wide.

Schools Opening Pubs Closing is a Scientific Experiment

LONDON - England - By opening schools and re-shutting pubs, we can only conclude the experts are conducting a scientific experiment to see what happens.

Leading Chinese Scientist Confirms COVID-19 Dispersed From PLA Lab

LOCATION UNKNOWN - USA - A leading Chinese scientist who fled to the West has revealed some secrets kept by the Communist Chinese Party regarding the Coronavirus.

Schools Reopening: Teachers Will Become Infected With Covid-19

LONDON - England - Children and teachers will be at the front line of the COVID-19 Pandemic when schools are forced to re-open.

Shortages: Start Stocking Up On Food Now

LONDON - England - The Covid-19 pandemic has not gone away. This is why you should start stocking up on food for winter and a second wave now.

Ninjas Have No Trouble About Wearing Face Masks

LONDON - England - According to the secretive clan of ninjas operating undercover as assassins, wearing masks is absolutely no problem during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is Not How the Apocalypse Should Be

LONDON - England - The apocalypse seems to be a completely ordered and calm, slow break down in society.

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