Does New COVID Virus Strain Make Current Vaccine Useless?

KENT - England - A new COVID virus strain has been announced in South-East England. Could the new vaccine be useless now?

COVID-19-mutations omicron

The DS accurately predicted last month that there would be a new strain of COVID-19, the new variant which was today identified in the South East of England is believed to spread faster and has been dubbed ‘Super Covid’ for its virility. There has been a huge surge of infections in the South East.

The RNA of the virus mutates all the time. The spike proteins will have changed, and this would mean that the vaccine may need to be adjusted in the future to counteract the mutation. Covid-19 causes the infected cells to grow stringy protruding branches — a highly unusual structure that allows the virus to attack several cells at once, punching through healthy cells to infect them.

If, however the virus makes major changes to its makeup, then there may be reason for concern, but at the moment there should be no other risk.

It is hoped the current vaccine will still be effective against this new strain, and currently tests are being carried out at Porton Down by PHE (Public Health England).