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What About COVID-21, COVID-22 and COVID-23?

WUHAN - China - The COVID nightmare is not over as many people wrongly think, because there are guaranteed to be more strains and mutations of the current virus in the future.

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Sure, we’ve all heard of and experienced the Chinese COVID-19, which basically lurched on across the entire 2020 year, but what about the other strains of COVID in the making?

One mutation of COVID is not enough, any scientist worth his white lab coat knows that there are multiple mutations of coronavirus bandying about at any time.


Who is to say that the lovely chaps in China who concocted COVID-19 are not conjuring up an even more deadly strain of the coronavirus to unleash onto the rest of the world? If we alternatively do not go down the conspiracy route, and ascertain that this nasty fucker of a virus was naturally produced off the back of a pangolin in a wet market, then who is to say that mother nature does not have another few nasty surprises up her back? Certainly the predictive programming is in place.

As the idiotic and clueless politicians talk about different waves of the virus, when there is only one wave, the virus meanwhile is mutating daily. If one avenue does not work for this virus, it will find another, and another ad infinitum.

What is the role of the virus?

The virus is not alive, but its role in nature is to create a liveable balance for life. As the situation lies today on earth, man has transgressed and torn up the planet endangering all of life on the planet. Therefore, nature has burped out a little solution that will not be defeated as easily as one may think. Vaccines only work to some extent on particular strains of a certain virus, however viruses learn pretty quickly, and they are serious about their given job, so they bypass the vaccine with a mutation.

Ha, ha! I’m safe now I have a vaccine

Not entirely, sorry to say. As mentioned before, it’s only a matter of time till new mutations arise that completely bypass the current vaccines. Sure, the scientists can keep on creating additional vaccines, but what if the virus gets more nasty as it mutates?

COVID-19 looks like it was a test, a dry run for something to come that will not be as forgiving as this strain.

Anyone celebrating now should think a bit more deeply on the subject first.


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