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“UNCANCEL COLLECTION” Help the Covid Crippled Creative Industry in 2020

LISBON - Portugal - Non-Profit campaign “UNCANCEL COLLECTION” sells merchandising from events that didn’t happen, will be on sale at www.uncancel2020.pt and the revenue will be entirely used to support professionals from that sector.

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T-shirts and other merchandising products, which would be at the events of 2020 that did not happen, are for sale online and the revenue reverts entirely to support the Audiovisual Union.


Lisbon, 26 November 2020 – In response to the serious impact on the events and entertainment business (music festivals, plays, marathons, exhibitions, all sorts of events), caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of entities created an online platform that aims to help the Audiovisual Union.

Because 2020 doesn’t have to be a complete waste, the “UNCANCEL COLLECTION” consists of the sale of merchandising from events that were cancelled in 2020 (most of it was going to rot away in warehouses). The merchandising products of music festivals and other events, as well as from the brands that are usually present in those events, will be on sale at www.uncancel2020.pt and the revenue will be entirely used to support professionals from that sector.

Image 3The “UNCANCEL COLLECTION” is available online between November 24th and December 15th, and starts already with thousands of articles and with space for more brands to join in. The organisation hopes that other events and brands will join this campaign, which aims to help those who need it most in these dark times that the industry is experiencing, and where hunger is already a reality for many of them. All proceeds will later be converted into food cards distributed through União Audiovisual.

At this time, “UNCANCEL COLLECTION” has merchandising from some well-known music festivals (from Portugal and Brasil) such as Rock in Rio, NOS Alive and NOS Primavera Sound, Vodafone Paredes de Coura, SBSR, Meo Sudoeste, among others, as well as activation products brands like Worten, Super Bock, Corum Investments, or Sesimbra Natura Park, as well as bands like Da Weasel and Um Corpo Estranho.

The initiative came from the agency Stream and Tough Guy in partnership with H2N, NOSSA and CorpCom, on a pro bono basis, and has the institutional support of Millennium bcp, with the support of Minipreço, and also with the producers and promoters of Everything is New, Music in the Heart, Rhythms, and Rock in Rio events. CCA Law Firm is the legal partner.

“When buying a souvenir of the event that did not happen, people are not only buying a souvenir of a cultural or sports event that this virus forced to get cancelled, but they are, above all, helping events professionals in this most difficult phase of their lives. It’s a way to turn waste into a cause where everyone can participate ”, explains João Ribeiro, managing partner at Stream and Tough Guy.

“In addition to the merchandising of cancelled events, for those who do not wish to purchase one of the physical products available or if the collection runs out, the virtual t-shirt “UNCANCEL COLLECTION” was created. This “e-shirt”, which also works as shareable content on social networks is a direct donation to professionals in the audiovisual sector that can be made by individuals or companies and aims to raise awareness for the cause.”, explains Miguel Durão, creative partner at Stream and Tough Guy.

Support now: https://uncancel2020.pt/

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