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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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PARIS - France - The Epica Awards is to extend its deadline for entries to October 21. Now is the time to put forward your creative genius.


MILAN - Italy - For sheer fashion, food and style, the northern hub brings forth an idealistic contemporary view of this creative city.

What’s new for the Epica Awards 2019?

PARIS - France - The Epica Awards, headed by advertising maestro, Mark Tungate, is going from strength to strength always adding new layers to its creative ambience.

Creative Cities: Barcelona

BARCELONA - Spain - Mark Tungate of Epica explains why the Catalan capital has so much creative energy.

Epica Awards Launches PR Grand Prix

PARIS - France - The Epica Awards has added more creative awards to its already bristling roster.

Epica Awards 33 Defines Its Purpose

PARIS - France - The Epica Awards 33 is truly coming into its own sphere as a unique showcase of creativity, journalism and advertising. This year, major changes come to the awards.

The Mastery of Helmut Newton Enshrined in One Book

PARIS - France - Art publisher TASCHEN celebrates the 20th anniversary limited edition release of a book showcasing the art of iconic photographer, Helmut Newton.


STOCKHOLM - Sweden - Misaki Tsuchiyama, creative strategist at INGO advertising agency, reveals the wonderful spaces of this amazing city to bring out your creativity.

Creative Cities: Beirut

BEIRUT - Lebanon - Lebanese art, a table by the sea, and funky vintage clothes (some of them his own) - welcome to local journalist Tarek Chemaly's guide to Beirut.

The Scene is Set for One of the Debates of the...

AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands - Has political correctness, soviet group think, and censorship gone too far, effectively killing off creativity?

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