America is Now Fighting For Its Very Existence As a Free Democratic Nation

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - America is now fighting for its very existence as a democratic free nation amongst insurmountable odds.

Aiding and abetting America's enemies

No one can even come close to understanding the importance of the current fight for the heart of America that is happening right now. Either America reclaims its Republic or it is forever lost to China and its communist global push.

Many Democrat voters are ignorant to what communism is, or the hold China has on the Biden family, who are compromised Chinese assets and most worryingly, puppets of the CCP if they ever gain the presidency.

Low information, uneducated voters only see limited things when they vote, yes they hate Trump, so vote for the other guy, but that other guy will kill off America and make everyone’s life a living hell. The Democrat Party aligned with BLM and ANTIFA only care about their ideological programming and how they will effectuate that communist programming when in power.

Along with evidence of massive voter fraud in key states, the level of corruption seen in the 2020 elections has been unparalleled. This is a fight for the very mantle of democracy and trust in the American electoral system at stake.

If Trump plays his cards correctly, aligned with the U.S. constitution which has statutes in law that protect the nation from such corruption, then he will pull through, because the evidence of corruption is so compelling. High Treason, is a serious allegation to throw around, however the proof when presented in court could present a problem for those who have aligned themselves with America’s enemies to collaborate and meddle in the 2020 elections.

To this respect, those who work and run certain media organisations, social networks, search engines, governors, congress members, deep state operatives of the swamp, and those who tried to steal the election, high level operatives of the Democrat Party, all worked in unison to corrupt the very mantle of democracy in the USA by meddling with the electoral process, should be arrested, and even renditioned to black sites where they would be interrogated properly.

It is important to realise the importance of cutting out the tumours eating away at America right now. At the moment, the country is in the preliminary stage of death, but if Biden wins over Trump, then America will be terminal, and even if there is a civil war, the Republic will have been damaged irreparably. If Trump gives up the fight, America will be immediately lost as well. Many Americans are urging him to fight on to reveal the corrupters, traitors and treasonous swine entrenched within a system so bereft of anything good that it defies any scale.

Everything is currently in place, the people that need to move are on standby, waiting for their orders, and we as observers can only wait for the real action to take place.