What the Hell Happened to Bobby De Niro?

NEW YORK - USA - Why is Robert De Niro calling for Trump supporters to be effectively rounded up and whacked?

Man, here is an actor we love to death at the Squib, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, King of Comedy, Casino, Goodfellas, Godfather, Angel Heart, Heat, Ronin, Jackie Brown to name a few gems. Robert De Niro, one of the greatest actors in the world, what happened to you man?

Can’t you see this is not about Trump any more, even if you hate Trump, this is about gaining trust in an electoral system that is now way below any banana republic level. If the election can be stolen from the Republicans who says it can’t be stolen from the Democrats? This is not about partisan politics this is about keeping the Republic of the United States of America, and restoring it, because at the moment it has gone AWOL.

Now you’re on some talk show calling for Trump supporters to be whacked? Just like AOC wants to make a list so her ANTIFA crew can go around to bust up American patriot folk. Has the Democrat Party morphed into some kind of totalitarian neo-fascist communist Stasi politburo?

How many people have died for the flag of the United States and its mantle of freedom and justice, for the right of its representative democracy? How many people died throughout history for the right to free speech and the right to express opinions without persecution or censorship? The Big Tech companies aligned with the Democrat Party have spat and shit on the graves of those brave soldiers who fought in all the wars for our freedoms in the West.

Here at the Squib, we do not subscribe to any political side, but fight for freedom, and fight against totalitarianism, censorship, and we urge you Mr De Niro to see the light, to cast aside your hatred for Mr Trump to see that this is a fight for America’s fair election system, which is now a laughingstock across the globe.

The evidence is right there and is being presented every day. This will go to the Supreme Court and hopefully the votes will be audited properly by independent auditors.

Merely recounting fake ballots is not enough, as many states have already done, because the ballots are not checked for their validity.

Whatever happens Bobby, we will always still love your roles, but…

“What the fuck happened to you, man? Your ass used to be beautiful.”