The Coronavirus is Feeding Very Well Right Now Thanks to End of Lockdown

NOTTINGHAM - England - Now is the time for the coronavirus to continue its feeding frenzy as the population ends lockdown.

nottingham coronavirus

This is exactly what the coronavirus prescribed, a deluge of human meat sacks in the parks and any space they can find spreading the virus once again. To see the viral hosts all packed onto beaches and parks cheek to cheek would have no doubt put a very large smile on the virus as it was mealtime once again. The virus needs to eat, and it supped on some real fodder as the idiots took one chink of sun to come out as a signal to bunch up together and inadvertently get infected.

Feeding frenzy

It’s not only the multiple strains that are now thriving, which will eventually of course branch off into further strains rendering the current vaccines useless, but the economic injury to the economy with a further lockdown will no doubt be just as bad.

Even if you have been vaccinated once or twice does not mean you will not contract Covid-19 or one of its many strains, however to see the maskless crowds on Monday of this week was a confirmation that many people have forgotten any risk from the virus affecting them in any way.

Already schools have been open for a month and the virus has made further inroads into population areas, but the effects of this will take a few more weeks to show up on the daily figures. Now that pubs and unnecessary shops will open soon as well, there will be a further deluge, especially as only a few people are wearing masks now.

The London Underground trains are already packed cheek to jowl, one can only imagine the atmosphere in each train carriage as the sardines all inhale and exhale the same air, the water droplets infected with viral particles distributing throughout the carriage, some landing on eyeballs, or open mouths, or inhaled deeply into the lungs.

Add in EU citizens some of them infected coming in and out of the UK through all open ports, especially while a third wave is raging through the European continent, and you can see the opportunities for the virus to continue its feeding frenzy.

It is thus only a matter of time till the next wave, so start preparing right now.

The never-ending circle of stupidity continues…