If You Are ‘Woke’ You Are Working For the Communist Chinese

LONDON - England - Western culture and democracy are in danger from 'woke' Chinese communist indoctrinated people internally.

Being ‘Woke’ is the new Marxist phrase for detesting Western culture, history, morals and democracy, and was created by Chinese operatives working in Western nations within the last two decades.

Demoralisation of nations takes a few generations, because people have to be indoctrinated in Marxism and in ways to think like the enemy want people to think. Western nations have thus been targeted to educate their youth in how to hate their own nation, funded, indoctrinated by Chinese operatives who have infiltrated the education institutions of the West.

Why are some large well-known brands going ‘Woke’? One would think this is not good for business, however there is a very good reason for it — money. As much as Western universities depend on Chinese communist money, many large businesses are tied in with Chinese money. Consider the monetary value of 1.443 billion Chinese consumers, and it is easy to see why the board of directors will do anything the Chinese Communist Party want them to do.

The long term agenda of course for China is conquest, and by demoralising entire nations, causing riots, and making people despise themselves, the Chinese successfully divide entire populations. The Chinese, although racist themselves, know that multiculturalism in the West is a weak chink in the armour, therefore they pit people against each other through racist operations with CCP controlled groups like BLM and ANTIFA.

People who deem themselves as ‘woke’ are therefore indirectly or directly working for the Chinese Communist Party and its clandestine operations in the West. You have been indoctrinated to believe and follow a Marxist form of communism that is insidious and harmful not only to key Western values of freedom, democracy, and justice, but you are knowingly or unknowingly a useful idiot used by Chinese operatives within the West.

Undermining the West is the biggest priority for the CCP because future plans involve eradication of the Western population so that they can be replaced by Chinese people. China due to its manufacturing is now a polluted wasteland, and the air in most places is unbreathable, but the factories still have to churn out the cheap plastic products for the West, so they can fund the build-up of the Chinese military.

Technology is not cheap or easy to research for military operations, so as much as Chinese agents in the West have infiltrated and stolen military and business secrets later adopted by the PLA, and CCP, the sheer cost of research and development of military hardware/software is immense. The Chinese factories thus churn out their pollution into the earth’s atmosphere every day because money is needed for the Chinese military industrial complex.

Once the greatest nation in the world, the USA today is in serious danger because of the ‘Woke’ infiltration as well as the administration which is tied to China. Joe Biden, through his son, is an asset of the CCP, and is a danger to national security, however the Chinese money that flows into the United States is too large an amount to ignore.

The many variables the Chinese use to undermine the West are all working very nicely, and through Soviet states like the European Union, China is given strength every day.

It is only a matter of time as those who are ‘woke’ see the Chinese troops entering their shores, they will greet the PLA soldiers with open arms cheering their arrival, but will they cheer as they as all others are put in trenches and shot in the head?