REALITY: Life For Humans Will Never Go Back to Pre-Covid Days

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The days before the Wuhan virus of 2019 will never return. This reality must be kept away from the public for very good reasons.

Apocalypse virus

No government or corporate body would ever in a million years admit to the fact that Covid will always be around, and not only that, it will get even more deadly as time goes on. The days before the Wuhan virus struck in October 2019 will never return. The reason, of course for not telling the public, is simply they need you to keep working, and to not panic. If the workers knew the truth, they might question why they are still stacking shelves or continuing work for the conglomerates. It is imperative that people continue working their jobs so that the money they generate can still keep flowing to fund for preparations for the elite.

If you ever want to know what is really going on, it’s a simple task of watching what the billionaires are doing. They, at the current time, know the reality, and are preparing their bunkers, their food reserves, their land, their security systems and are tidying up their financial assets, because they fully know what is planned. You on the other hand are on holiday in some tourist shit-hole downing another bottle on the beach, or delivering packages for some courier company, or pouring lattes in a coffee shop, or whatever…

Informing the public is a terrible decision by any government, especially if they want to keep the economy going, and do not want any type of panic to set in. The government would for example never tell the public that there are only 400 days left till total collapse of the system. That would be the ultimate suicide, and this is why self-preservation of core governmental offices and emergency measures are protected by keeping a very tight lid on the actual situation.

No herd immunity

Yes, the vaccines have been relatively successful, especially in reducing deaths from Covid, however with the new strains like Delta can circumnavigate the vaccines and many are still being hospitalized despite vaccination. The vaccinated can still catch the virus, and can still spread it, as well as succumb to the virus.

As the number of infected cases has just become too big, this allowed the novel coronavirus more opportunities to mutate and select. New variants will continue to emerge – Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli.

The billionaires certainly do know what is going on, and this is why they are sheltering themselves not only in the physical world, but in the digital economic world by reducing their stock footprint, and moving assets around. Yes, the billionaires will take a loss, however they are prepared for this loss, because they are preparing to survive after the deluge when most of the population has been reduced. After that point, there will be a completely new system put into place, including a possible global One World economy/government. Much of what we have today, will not exist simply because it will not be needed. You will not need to spend trillions on welfare payments and departments to deal with that sort of thing anymore, because there will be no need for it without the people.

As for the people frolicking around today as if the pandemic is over, there is absolutely no point in telling them anything. They should be left in the dark, asleep, and without any idea of what is going on — for their safety, and yours. They will only awaken when it is too late.