Company Makes Treadmill For Sleep Walkers

BOSTON - USA - Sleepwalker, a company that caters for sleep walkers has designed a safe treadmill for those nightly long walks.


Those days of finding little Johnny wandering around on the window ledge five floors up are over. Sleepwalker, a company that specialises in products for people who sleep walk, have come up with an amazing machine to halt any dangerous sleepwalking mishaps.

“Every year, thousands of sleepwalkers are terribly injured or lose their lives. Our company has developed, after many years of intense research, the perfect solution that will ultimately save lives, and even make people healthier. We are proud to introduce the Sleep Walking Treadmill™,” the company’s CEO, Roger Napper, announced today.

How it Works

  • REM (rapid eye movement) sensors are put on the sleeper’s forehead which sense movement of limbs in conjunction to sleep state.
  • When the sleep walker steps out of bed, the treadmill adjusts its position with wheels which have built-in sensors, so the person steps onto the treadmill safely.
  • The treadmill is automatically activated and senses the speed of the sleep walker, adjusting accordingly.
  • Immediately, a caged border system emerges from the bottom of the machine, acting as a safety measure to keep the sleep walker on track.
  • Now, the sleep walker can walk for miles on the treadmill safely, with added benefits for their health.
  • When the sleep walker has finished their walk, the REM sensors will send signals to the treadmill to slow down and stop. The barrier on the bedside will then drop, allowing the sleep walker to get back into bed, completely oblivious to their treadmill sleep walking session.

The Sleep Walking Treadmill™ will be available in December, retailing at $23,499.