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The coronavirus is currently at different stages of spreading through countries across the world, therefore if any given country thinks it is winning the virus war with less infections, the authorities are not factoring in global flights and travel which will always keep reinfecting countries.

The people in charge of making policy and plans to cleanse any area in the world, are not looking at the big picture, and are not considering open borders, and flights constantly coming in and out of airports. They are not factoring the virus travelling through road and train networks or through ports.

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In the UK during the so-called lockdown 15,000 planes come into Heathrow daily from virus hotspots with absolutely no checks. This suggests that this is not and never has been a real lockdown, which would mean absolutely no air/road/train traffic. A real lockdown would mean no one allowed outside their homes in any circumstances, and to see the parks and underground trains full to the brim, that in itself proves this has been conducted in a very laissez faire manner.

To declare one area of the world virus free, whilst the Chinese Virus rages in many other parts of the world is stupid, because it is only a matter of time till the raging virus reappears in the area which was previously cleared.

The only way to tackle a global viral pandemic is to actually quarantine areas of the globe which are infected with a total cut off of all travel in and out of those regions. The authorities in charge of individual nations are not thinking in global terms, and due to the globalised interconnected nature of nations, there is no way out unless the whole network is controlled and cut-off at certain points.

As long as there is no global plan as one single entity to tackle the virus, and there are no serious lockdowns, then the COVID-19 coronavirus will continue to move from one region to the next, and keep reappearing in previously cleared areas.