corona zombie train

Sanctioned by clueless London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who is actively allowing the spread of the deadly coronavirus pathogen COVID-19 to spread far, wide and deep into population centres, the contagion continues with ease.

Not a mask in sight, the train services should only be used by crucial NHS staff etc..but are instead being filled with reckless zombies on a spreadathon to hell.

“We must spread the virus deeper into all population centres, which in turn will spread further, and in turn kill more citizens,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan said from his holiday home in Berkshire.

Under the London Mayor’s patronage, the train services have been cut, so that more zombies are forced onto the only remaining trains. This allows the coronavirus to spread faster because the zombies are forced to be in close proximity in each carriage.

The thoughtless zombies touch all surfaces, sneezing and breathing coronavirus droplets everywhere within each enclosed train carriage.

Once everyone is infected with COVID-19 in each carriage, the zombies filter out from each train station infecting more surfaces, touching the escalator sides as they rise up into population centres, to spread the infectious virus onto old men, children, grandmothers and anyone else they come into contact with.

This zombie coronavirus walk goes on day after day, hour after hour in a major city that is supposed to be under official lockdown to prevent COVID-19 spreading further.

Gotta be jokin’ mate…