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Thanks to No Lockdown Coronavirus Spreading Far and Wide in Britain

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson has asked people nicely to stay in their homes, but many are not listening, and the no lockdown policy is spreading the virus further.

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The London underground trains are heaving, crowded, sweaty as idiot Mayor Sadiq Khan has cut services thus forcing insane commuters who still work to be sardined together further spreading COVID-19 like margarine across a piece of fucking toast. No lockdown is the theme, as Boris has gone all soft, and is instead ‘asking’ the moronic public to please stay at home, pwetty pwease…ahhh…

The tourist spots crowded to maximum, idiots brushing against each other, these fucking morons are lemmings all following each other over the cliff of viral death.

Let these people infect each other, it is simple Darwinian selection at work, let them congregate, breathe each other’s viral breath, touch the surfaces spreading the coronavirus far and wide, sneeze in each others faces, take in those poisonous droplets deep into their lungs, so they will be scarred and filled with mucus blocking the air ways.

The ignorant always die first in most disaster situations, but the sad thing is the innocent/decent people who will suffer when these stupid fuckwits come home and spread the virus all over their home. You could be a good person and staying in, and you get infected by someone in your family or someone you know who comes into your home. You could be a nurse or a doctor infected by one of the reckless selfish bastards who refused to stay indoors when asked.

childrens coronavirus party in park
Birthday party in the park during the coronavirus pandemic.

The International flights are coming in to the UK every minute of the day, and spreading the coronavirus far and wide, the trains are still running spreading the coronavirus far and wide, the crowds are still going out and spreading the coronavirus far and wide.

May the pestilence spread far and wide because it as if certain people in government want it to, it is a sort of purging of the masses that will lighten the load of governance post Brexit/Post Virus. No one wears masks or gloves, many are out and about, and the conservative government has suddenly turned all luvvie and laissez-faire?

Lest we forget the supermarkets where the last-minute too-late faction have suddenly appeared ransacking the aisles with their panic buying, touching all the produce and surfaces, sneezing into baskets of fruit and veg.


If the government had a population it actually cared about, then it would shut down the place sharpish, but especially in London, there are a lot of undesirables who need to be purged. The capital city needs to lose at least 70% minimum of its population before it will be deemed as a place that can be liveable once again, because in its current state it is full of the lowest forms of humanity — garbage.

Whilst Boris’ Chancellor is handing out money like a socialist who has had four grams of cocaine blown up his arse with a straw and gone into hyper spend mode, one wonders who the fuck is going to pay all of this back? If businesses have not prepared, is it not the capitalist, Tory way to just let the businesses fail? One can only surmise that the desperate payments are just a way to stop people rioting. It seems the global governments are even more fearful of uprisings than the virus itself.

The same goes for many other cities across Britain, but unfortunately the virus is not moving as fast as it is in London.



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