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Four Inventive Ways You Could Earn Some Extra Cash During UK Lockdown

LONDON - England - Being at home during the deadly pandemic lockdown does not mean you cannot earn a few quid extra to put in your pocket.

For almost everyone across the world we’re in unknown territory. With a quarter of the population on lockdown, millions upon millions of people are looking for things to do with their time.

For some, it’s a great time to discover a new hobby or learn a new skill, while for many others this unprecedented situation provides the perfect opportunity to seek out a new source of revenue.

Whether it’s taking on a new short-term role to boost your income, or if it’s staying at home and trying your hand at a much-loved pastime, here are four ways you could potentially make money whilst lockdown measures are in place.

Craft Work

If you’ve got a penchant for crocheting, or perhaps a knack for woodwork, why not turn your craft skills into a business during your downtime and kick start that production line?

While it won’t be an immediate money maker, now is the perfect time to start building up your stock and when the dust settles and things start to return to normal you could sign up to a craft market or fair where you will be able to sell your products.

Alternatively, you could use your skills to create items people would enjoy now, such as games or even items for the garden as most people are at home. There are plenty of platforms where you can sell these products, or you could even start your very own website.


Try your hand at an online casino

Although sports betting may not be an option right now, owing to the lack of live sporting events that are currently running, there are still plenty of online casino titles you could turn to in order to stave off boredom and potentially make a little bit of extra cash.

Whether you fancy trying your hand at poker, or playing popular slot games like Mega Moolah or Rainbow Riches, search online and do some research about the best and most trusted online casino hubs and look out for online casino-based promotions such as free spins no deposit or deposit match bonuses.

As well as slots and poker, many online casinos offer a plethora of other games such as blackjack and roulette for you to enjoy, whilst some operators even offer social-based casino titles where you are able to chat and interact with other players.

Under these circumstances’ casino games can be a valuable source of escapism and entertainment but be sure to manage your bankroll in line with what you can afford.

Become a Delivery Driver

Some services are in hot demand at present and companies such as Deliveroo are looking to hire a wave of new delivery drivers nationwide.

All you need is a bicycle or car, and a few spare hours, then you’re all set. It’s easy to sign up too and can prove a good source of income.

Alternatively, plenty of supermarkets and manufacturing companies are looking to take on additional staff so keep checking popular job sites and fire off that application.

Play the Stock Markets

If you’ve already got a little bit of cash or savings, and you’re looking to make that go further, investing in the stock market could be a shrewd move right now- particularly if you’re really savvy about where you put your money.

Keep an eye out for what leading financial experts have to say and turn to trusted investment websites for tips and ideas. With the situation evolving and changing rapidly you will find plenty of stocks that will deliver a decent return over time.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies are of course one of the key industries many people are investing in at the moment but there are plenty of sectors that will offer great investment potential so keep up to date with the latest business news.

Away from stocks, whenever there is an economic downturn many investors turn to precious metals, so also keep an eye out for tips and advice on investing in things like gold and silver.

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