This Virus Does Not Care For Your Religion, Your Economy or Anything Else

LONDON - England - To see the fear in the eyes of medics when confronted with the complexity of the COVID-19 virus is testament to the power of Mother Nature.

Just as 99% of stuff that is put on the internet does not matter, this virus is the great equaliser. It does not care for your man-made religion, it does not care about your precious fucking economy, or your retirement plan, or the selfies you constantly take on your smart phone, or your holiday plans for this summer, or anything.

The virus just wants to eat, and the more it eats, the more it spreads.

The virus is Mother Nature’s way of fighting back at a pestilence worse than ever seen on earth before — humans, breeding and breeding, digging up the earth, mining and killing everything out of existence, polluting the waters, the air, and the ultimate soul of the earth for profit in huma-constructed false economies.

This is the first wave of the virus, but she will be back, again and again till she is happy that it is enough, and she will keep mutating so those pesky human scientists don’t get a full hold on her.

Mother Nature has to do this, otherwise everything will truly be gone, and if she does not succeed this time she will eventually come out with another trick up her sleeve.

Until the human race learns to function as one body with their numbers regulated at a sustainable level, and respect nature, then this will continue…over and over again..