Another Chinese Virus Gift to the World: Hantavirus

SHANDONG - China - A man who recently died from a mysterious virus has now tested positive for Hantavirus, which is more deadly than Chinese COVID-19.

chinese restaurant rats hantavirus
Rats in a Chinese restaurant kitchen, Beijing, China

Coming hot off the heels of the Chinese Coronavirus that is spreading across the globe ruthlessly killing people and murdering the global economy, we now have Chinese Hantavirus, which comes from rats, something the Chinese love to eat.

Rat meat is popular all over the countryside outside of the bigger cities.  There are dealers who go out into the countryside and farmlands every other week. They stop at every farm where the farmers have collected all the rats they have caught that week and keep them in a burlap sack. These “Rat Dealers” buy the rats from the farmers take their haul back into the town areas where they sell the rats to restaurants at a higher price of course. The restaurant cook takes the reats in the burlap sack and place the sack into a large tub of water to drown the rats. The dead rats are taken to the chopping table where the head,feet and tails are removed and the rat is gutted. Next they heat oil in a large pan and the rats are sauted with spices and chili peppers and served with sauce over a bed of rice. The Chinese people have been eating rats for hundreds of years and rat meat dishes are very popular over all of China. SOURCE

Not for the faint-hearted, the video below shows the eating of live baby rats, which is considered a great delicacy in Guangdong province, China.


It’s only a matter of time before the Chinese Hantavirus mutates and is transmitted human to human, much like the Chinese Coronavirus did.

Thanks to the filthy Chinese cities where exposure to the urine, droppings or saliva of infected rodents can result in the virus being transmitted, including bites from infected rats and mice, as well as the despicable barbaric culinary traditions Chinese people practice, the world is now facing a terrible pestilence that threatens to kill millions of people.