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China Lockdown Lifted: Chinese Tourists Already Booking Trips to Europe Again

HUBEI - China - Chinese tourists are already booking trips to major European and American cities after the authorities have lifted coronavirus lockdown.

One of the reasons Northern Italy was hit so hard by the Coronavirus is because Chinese tourists saturated the main sightseeing cities of Venice, Florence and Milan. Now they want to come back, and are planning their trips to all the major European cities.

The flights are still running, and unscrupulous Chinese tour operators have no qualms in taking money off Chinese tourists who are desperate to see the sights.

“Now is summer time and good to come to Europe. We going Paris, Italy Venice and London. We already book and we come in April,” Mingmei Zhou, 35, from Hubei province, told Xinhua News.

Because of Chinese state censorship of all media, many Chinese people are ignorant to the fact that their country is responsible for infecting the globe with the deadly coronavirus and most cities in Europe are under lock down.

“We booka Disney Rand in America. I also wana visit Donald Trump for White House tour in Washington,” Uang Zhou, 48, a restaurateur from Beijing added.

The Communist Chinese Party is encouraging their citizens to get back out there to infect the world further.

“Please go to all their cities again, see their sites, eat in their restaurants and infect them over and over again with our wonderful Chinese viruses. This is our gift to the world people. Love from China,” President Xi Jinping said at an address on Tuesday.

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