Prince Charles Has Finally Been Corona’d King

WESTMINSTER ABBEY - England - Prince Charles has finally been corona'd as king after many, many, many years of waiting.

king charles corona'd
The Prince of Wales, Charles VII, has finally been corona'd King

Congratulations to Prince Charles who has finally been corona’d as King of England.

Speaking from his quarantine palace, the newly corona’d king revealed his feelings on his ascension to the corona throne.

“One has finally been corona’d and one is now king..Yay! Finally, after waiting for so many..” (coughing profusely)..

Wearing his crown, King Charles VII, has vowed to rule the British Isles with dignity and valour.

“One’s first engagement as King will be to order the demolition of 90% of Britain’s new buildings and to have architecturally pleasing ones built in their place. One will also demand a Talking to Plants Day required for every citizen within one’s realm.”

There is nothing to fear, the King has the best medical help in the kingdom, and will survive being corona’d with ease (In other words – he’s not on the NHS).