The flights keep coming in from EU coronavirus hot spots like Spain and Italy into Britain’s airports day and night. Many planes carry those who may be infected with the deadly pathogen but are not yet showing the symptoms, although they are shedding the virus throughout the aeroplanes and airports, then onto the taxis, underground trains and their destinations.

There are no checks at airports, there are no restrictions to entry into the UK, there are no checks at UK ports, there are no people wearing protection from the virus in Britain.

As the virus continues to spread, it must continually find new areas to feed, and the supermarkets are the major collection zone for humans, who have to eat as well. It is almost ironic that as humans shop to eat, the virus does the same on humans.

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Shop and Die

What use is any supposed lockdown when the British supermarkets are now hubs for infection and the underground trains are full? No one wears any protective equipment in the UK, and the supermarkets are one of the last sanctuaries for the virus to infect its prey.

The infected aisles full of desperate shoppers who did not prepare in January, now nonplussed and keen to survive, yet here they are breathing in massive clusters of airborne coronavirus deep into their lungs within the enclosed space as they scrabble for that last piece of toilet roll.


The already infected in the supermarkets shed the virus over the uninfected shoppers as they simply breathe whilst standing close to each other in the queues to pay for their shopping, some coughing, others sneezing miniscule droplets fall onto food produce and distribute in the air circulation.

One obese woman handles everything in sight, stuffing as much food into her trolley, if she is infected, the virus from her sweaty hands will stay on the packaging for 9 days. Some of the produce she had touched a few moments ago is now touched by a little girl who has come to the supermarket with her mother, the girl wipes her eyes, then touches her nose, the deed has been done.

Throughout the supermarket, there is no distancing, there are no masks or gloves, shoppers huddle together, rats all milling around an infected cage in some sort of sick medical experiment, coughing, farting, sneezing, breathing the coronavirus into their systems.

This unseen enemy and its voracious appetite must feed, and the airports, the supermarkets, the hospitals, and underground trains are now the new killing ground.

For the virus, there is no lockdown because much is still open.

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