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The Age of Reason: How Coronavirus Could Save Planet Earth

GEORGIA - USA - An urgent communiqué from a secretive internationalist group called The Aquarian Dawn describes the coronavirus pandemic.

“Every day, every hour, Chinese people who may or may not be infected with coronavirus COVID-19 are travelling across the world, visiting cities, flying through airports. In turn, those they infect go to their communities and travel, spreading the virus exponentially. This has been happening since the start of the Wuhan outbreak in late December. This is why initial outbreaks are starting to appear in many major cities across Europe right now, and other parts of the world.

“Coronavirus, if it does its job properly could be the saviour of planet earth, and in turn save humanity in the long run if the population is reduced by 90% and kept at a sustainable level.

“It may take some time, and the virus may mutate, disappear for a short period before reappearing again. There may be many waves of the virus over decades until an acceptable human population level is met.

“The EU must keep the Schengen free travel zone open, global air traffic must continue, and the shopping malls and mass congregation of people must be allowed to continue.

“We must leave room for nature, let nature flourish once again, let it breathe again, we must allow what needs to be done to be done, to cleanse the environment and purge the seas of the plastic.

“Humanity must be maintained at levels below 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature, and the future world governing body must guide reproduction wisely once the cycle is completed.

“The old religions must be replaced with tempered reason and science, and we must unite humanity with a living new language.

“The new system that will eventually emerge must protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts, avoiding petty laws and useless officials. All nations must work to resolve external disputes in a world court. We must balance personal rights with social duties, and be responsible for the future generations that will come after us.

“Above all we must prize beauty, knowledge and love, seeking harmony with the infinite.”

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