Since January of this year, there has been no spraying of the skies. Why is this?

Well, it seems whatever they were doing with those lovely criss cross patterns across the sky has been bypassed possibly by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Everyday I would look up and see these planes going up and down spraying their stuff into the atmosphere, but all of a sudden it stopped. That’s when we started hearing about a virus coming out of China. I can’t be certain if there is a connection, but it is strange,” one observer revealed.

No one can be sure for certain what was being sprayed over the populations, and due to the level of secrecy, we probably will never know.


The chemtrails used to linger for hours, and were not like normal jet trails that dissipated after a few minutes. The linear chemtrails would hang in the atmosphere and string out, still keeping some of their form but whatever chemical compound they held would slowly dissipate and drop down towards the earth dispersed over hundreds of miles.

The chemtrail program however seems to have been halted, possibly superseded by the coronavirus currently raging.

One can only be aware, and postulate, and ask the reader to do their own research, although this is all speculation, there may be some importance to the timing of the cessation of the chemtrail secret program and the commencement of the coronavirus program, including the introduction of restrictions in human rights.

Chemtrails were probably too slow, the final solution needed a faster efficient method…cue…the coronavirus.


UPDATE – 7/5/20 – Mass spraying resumed today over London/England as the chemtrail planes continued operations after months of coronavirus lockdown cessation. We can only assume lockdowns are coming to an end soon, as the government is announcing, and this is why the chemtrails are back. If anyone has more reports please leave on Twitter @dailysquib

UPDATE – 26/6/20 – Since last update there has been no sign of spraying.