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Distraught Doctors and Nurses Reveal Their Plight During Coronavirus Pandemic

LONDON - England - Dancing doctors and nurses in empty hospitals are now videos put all over the social networks. Apparently, the world is being wracked by a coronavirus pandemic but these medics don't seem to know about it.


Nurses dancing with a COVID-19 corpse

There’s nothing like watching dancing doctors and nurses whilst some poor old codger chokes on their own sputum gasping for breath in one of the overcrowded wards that we keep hearing about, but no one is allowed to see during this coronavirus pandemic.

As the people come out of their doors clapping like lemmings, do they actually know why they are clapping, or is it simply a Soviet programmed response from a programmed public.

YouTube, TikTok and Twitter are full to the brim of doctors and nurses dancing, but the thing is, they are effectively dancing over the dead bodies and carcases of the people who are now a mere government statistic, a fucking number that has no name and will be summarily forgotten. Their nihilistic dance of death echoes through the unmarked gravestones that will never be mourned over, forgotten as if they never existed in the first place.


This is what it is to be human today, amongst the billions of other humans, you are a mere cockroach, a number, a statistic to be danced over and forgotten. It is only natural that the peak of the pyramid has deemed you all irrelevant useless eaters to be disposed of without remorse.

The thousands of cancer sufferers who are now dying in their own homes because their treatment has been cancelled are naturally happy to see these nurses and doctors prancing around joyfully.

Millions of people around the country have lost their jobs, and do not know when their next meal is going to come from, but it’s okay, the dancing nurses will cheer you up.

The dance is one of nihilism, another cadaver is just a piece of meat, it is thrown into a body bag and an unnamed cardboard coffin before being dumped into a mass grave.


Keep on dancing while people are dying alone in the most horrible way, they can’t breathe, their lungs are full of fluid, just imagine for one second what it is like to not be able to breathe any more, gasping, and you see one of these shitty choreographed nurse outfits dancing to some shitty music, smiling and all happy.

Keep fucking clapping.

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