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While the West Urges Children to Change Gender; China Raises an Army of Warrior Kids

BEIJING - China - Under Xi Jinping the Chinese government is actively preparing for war with the U.S. and Japan, and are training the next generation of children militarily.


In a shocking turn of events, the world is witness to a bizarre global divide as two global factions take vastly different approaches to moulding their future generations. While the West delves into the realms of progressive gender indoctrination, China has adopted a more aggressive method: military training for children to hate the West. It’s a classic case of “my ideology is better than yours,” with each region hoping to outdo the other in the most peculiar ways.

The latest generation of children in China are being trained in military techniques, and indoctrinated to hate the West with a vengeance. Their sole purpose for existence is to fight and kill Americans and the Japanese. This is a new initiative introduced by Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party to prepare for war. While the West is seeking to mutilate their youth and weaken their populace, China is equally trying to strengthen their nation by training their children to fight the West.

The United States, known for its emphasis on inclusivity and socialism, has taken a leap into uncharted territories. They have decided to introduce comprehensive programs to indoctrinate children to change their gender identity, exploring the vast spectrum beyond the traditional binary of male and female. While some applaud this as a progressive step towards acceptance, critics argue that the country is plunging into a state of gender-confusion pandemonium. Memes about kindergarteners having identity crises flood the internet, with people jokingly asking, “Who am I today, Batman or Wonder Woman?”

But just when you thought the world couldn’t get any weirder, China enters the stage with a jaw-dropping twist. While America’s kids are busy deciding which pronouns suit them best, China has taken a rather unconventional path, focusing on militarizing its youngest citizens. Yes, you read that right. This nation has decided to train an army of kids who might not be old enough to legally watch an R-rated film, but can proficiently charge at the enemy and bayonet them on a battlefield.

This is the next generation of Chinese children, dictated by a sinister communist Chinese nationalism, who will grow up hating the West with a vengeance. Every penny taken from selling Americans cheap plastic trinkets in places like Walmart is now put into the military machine that will propel China to the stratosphere in conquest when the time comes.

Picture a battlefield meeting between a confused, weak, molly-coddled gender-fluid pronoun obsessed individual from America and a heavily-armed, well-trained, hardened, strong, camouflage-clad warrior from China. Talk about a clash of ideologies! Suffice to say, the simpering anaemic transgender fluid individual would be crushed like a cockroach under the superior, focused and well-trained Chinese soldier.

The reason this is all being ignored by the Western corporate media is because institutions like the WEF, EU and UN are actively celebrating the brutal Chinese communist system and officially declare it as the model for a global singular government. Their support for China extends to the point that they would encourage the destruction of America, which would be replaced by a brutal totalitarian communist saviour — China.


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