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Soros and EU Funded ‘Scientists For EU’ Responsible For Organising Mass Remainer Protests

LONDON - England - Brexit and democracy in Britain is being attacked from many fronts including clandestine propaganda operatives working for the EU within the UK.

You may be wondering how these well-organized Remainer protests erupt across the country with such precision and numbers?

The incredibly organised Remain protests recently that have erupted all across the country are the product of Mike Galsworthy, for a George Soros and European Union funded propaganda network called ‘Scientists For EU’.

Spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on web marketing, social media ads, and targeted propaganda drives, Galsworthy is doing the job of the EU overtly within the UK  without any obstruction.

In addition to hundreds of thousands of pounds from communist activist, George Soros, the EU propaganda network receives vast funds from the EU allegedly.

“These protests did not erupt out of nowhere, they were meticulously organised and financed utilising known socialist Marxist activists to do the bidding of the EU,” one observer commented.

Britain’s democracy is directly under direct attack from the EU utilising operatives and agents like Galsworthy who are working for Britain’s enemies and communists to infiltrate, indoctrinate and organise civil disobedience within the UK. This clandestine operation could easily swing a general election, as the vocal remainers are seen everywhere swaying public opinion in their favour utilising soviet techniques of persuasion.

Not only is democracy being attacked by parliament and MPs aligned with the EU, but operatives across the nation who are working for Britain’s enemies.

‘Scientists For EU’ is a danger to Britain’s national security, and is a nefarious propaganda organisation that seeks to skew public opinion and sentiment within a general election and incite riots. There are many other cells of this type operating within the UK aiding and abetting the enemies of the Sovereign.

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