Essentially, the bill tabled by anti-democratic MPs in parliament who want to thwart the voted mandate for the EU Referendum does not have to be signed and sealed by the Queen.

Despite the bill tabled by ex-conservative MP Oliver Letwin and 21 remainer ex-Tories, which was nefariously allowed to be tabled by biased partisan Speaker of the House, John Bercow in an unconstitutional manner, and passed by the majority remainer Lords, the Queen does not have to sign it into law.

Holding out until after prorogation next week, at which point all bills without royal consent are scrapped would be the ideal tactic.

Restore Democracy

In order to keep the peace within the United Kingdom, and respect the democratic vote of 17.4 million people to exit the EU on October 31, the PM could advise the Queen not to sign into law the proposed bill to block a Clean Brexit.

As far as a forced extension bill by remainers:

“the legal position on an extension is that it requires the support of every member state, including the United Kingdom.”

“So it is the case … we would need to continue to prepare for no deal because it is within the scope of any member state to block an extension,” Brexit secretary, Stephen Barclay has revealed.