The Conservative party is stronger even without a majority in parliament because the Remainer rebels who put all their efforts into ruining Brexit have been purged.

They no longer have the whip, and will not be allowed to stand at another election under the Conservative party.

“This action of inciting these Tory rebels to act may have been conducted on purpose to first expose them, then purge them from the party for defying democracy and the vote of the people. These quislings have no place in a party that will deliver Brexit and honour democracy come hell or high water,” a parliamentary commentator revealed.

Despite losing his majority, Boris Johnson, is not as weak as he may look, and he will put through a No Deal Brexit if it is the last thing he does.

The current MPs in parliament of which many are remainers are unfit to rule, simply because of their rejection and dishonour of the vote of the people in the EU Referendum.