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Woke Teacher Identifies as School Pupil Only On Tuesdays

BRISTOL - England - A woke teacher at Edward Colston Comprehensive school identifies as a pupil on Tuesdays.

Woke Geography teacher, 43, Ed Papsmeyer identifies as a school pupil every Tuesday at his Bristol comprehensive school.

“I like to play in the playground kicking a ball around, giving other pupils wedgies and shouting back at other teachers. It’s fucking great,” Papsmeyer revealed to the BBC.

Due to his bad behaviour, the teacher has already been handed many instances of detention and told to visit the headmaster for a talk.

“Last Tuesday I was in Maths and I jumped up on the desk for no reason at all, slapped my bum and farted violently. The other kids all cheered and love my crazy antics.”

These are strange times in the ‘education’ system, with some pupils identifying as ordinary objects or cats, teachers are also identifying as pupils like Mr. Papsmeyer.

When it comes to Wednesday, Mr. Papsmeyer is back to teaching pupils about climate change and global warming.

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