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Comrade Corbyn For London Mayor – Prepare For Mass Exodus

LONDON - England - Prepare to leave the capital city as Jeremy Corbyn gears up to bid for the role of London Mayor.

As if it was not bad enough living in the dystopian nightmare hell of London under Sadiq Khan, now Comrade Corbyn, (Agent Cobb) is looking to become London Mayor. Not only will this precipitate a mass exodus from the capital city, but for those who have no choice but to stay, it will involve an even more horrible existence.

Just when you thought things could not get worse than mass London crime; daily stabbings, machete attacks, indiscriminate shooting, vandalism, arson and brutally violent theft as well as carjacking, bumper to bumper traffic, punitive taxation, impossible prices for everyday utilities, food prices through the roof, soaring energy bills, surveillance cameras everywhere that do nothing, ULEZ taxation, and Marxist LGBTQP, BLM, Trans indoctrination everywhere starting in kindergarten.

Permanent Stasi Lockdown

Former Stasi agent, Jeremy Corbyn has a plan for London, and it will resemble something like East Berlin during the Cold War. There are rumours that the London Mayor wants surveillance cameras not only on the streets but directly in homes. There are also plans to build a 200-foot-high wall around the M25 with armed guard towers.

Many of Generation Z, who have no idea of privacy and are huge Corbyn fans, calmly agree to being monitored indoors as well as outdoors.

CCTV In Homes

“I don’t mind if Jeremy Corbyn and his wonderful Stasi loons watch me wiping my arse in the toilet. I can even show the camera the sweetcorn left on the soiled toilet paper. Whatever they want to watch, it’s all fine with me,” Jenny Seamore, a BLM activist and member of her student communist party, revealed to the BBC.

It’s hard to find anyone who speaks English in many parts of London these days, but things will get worse even than Sadiq Khan’s third world policies. Jeremy Corbyn would invite even more poor unskilled unemployable people from all the third world nations across the globe to London. Forget about the NHS, or ever seeing a GP ever again, or sending your kid to a school.

There is only one solution — exodus.

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