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Why Not Tow Illegal Channel Migrant Boats Back to France?

DOVER - England - Why not tow illegal Channel migrant boats back to France from where they came from? Solving the problem in own fell swoop.

The problem of 100,000 illegal Channel migrant boats coming to the UK could be solved by utilising a very simple solution. When the boats are detected coming over, or have landed in UK territory, the boats full of illegal migrants are towed back to French territory, where it will be up to the French Navy to deal with them.

By utilising this solution, the ruthless people traffickers, who are making huge profits out of the misery of these people, would be stopped.

All that needs to be done is that these illegal Channel migrant boats be towed back to France. You cannot get a simpler and decisively clinical way of dealing with this terrible problem.

If the Rishi Sunak government had any guts or balls, they would implement this solution immediately.

Furthermore, the 100,000 illegal migrants who are now already in the UK should be put in ferries and taken back to Calais. That is another, even simpler solution to the problem.

No doubt the French authorities who ferry the migrants across the Channel daily would not like this solution, but — fuck them, and fuck the ECHR.

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