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Cold war in the Sauna – An Honest Opinion From a...

COLORADO - USA - It's hard being a Russian American these days with so much anti-Russian feeling in the media. We present a different viewpoint.

Poverty Stricken Russians Still Using Old Soviet Military Equipment

SIBERIA - Russia - Most of the Russian army are ill trained and poorly equipped compared to Western standards and still using modernized equipment from the 1970s.

Russians Now Living in Extreme Poverty Levels

MOSCOW - Russia - The divide between rich and poor Russians has become wider under Vladimir Putin's reign.

Russian Blyat Airlines Ready For Take Off

SIBERIA - Russia - With more sanctions being proposed by the U.S. and EU, Russians have always dealt with the hardships of life in their own unique way.

Junk Status Russians Back to Long Queues

SIBERIA - Russia - The Russians are back to the good old days of queuing for hours and days for their groceries.

Fears that Russian Driving Skills Could be Exported Globally

KIEV - Russia - With all this Russian expansionism going on in the former Ukraine and all over Eastern Europe, there are serious fears that the world's drivers could soon be driving like they do in Russia.

Oligarchs in Hotel Fight Cause Billions Pounds Damage

LONDON - England - A group of twenty Russian and Kazakh oligarchs caused so much damage at a London hotel that the bill could top £5 billion the BBC reports.

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