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Junk Status Russians Back to Long Queues

SIBERIA - Russia - The Russians are back to the good old days of queuing for hours and days for their groceries.

Russia’s Soviet era was not that long ago in the scheme of things, and as the West chips away at the Russian economy bit by bit, the long queues of the communist era are back.

“I have not eaten food for three days now and that’s how long I have been waiting in this queue for some bread and cabbage,” Katerina Babushka, 78, a retired factory worker from Siberia told the Grad news agency.

Apart from vodka, there is not much else to soothe the Russian people in their time of need. The oil prices are dropping daily, the Western sanctions increasing in numbers and voracity. With a nation such as Russia that has to import 80% of their produce and relies on revenue from oil and gas exports, the augurs do not bode well.

“The West is pushing Russia against a brick wall, and we all know this can be a very dangerous endeavour as a bear that is cornered with no way to go will eventually strike out. This is probably what the West wants, as they have shown the Russians post Berlin wall what Western capitalist riches look like, as soon as the Russians tasted it, the rug was pulled from under them. This strategy causes deep felt anger and could be a cause for conflict in the near future.

“If one analyses the aspirations and machinations of the European Union and the United States, you will see complicit meddling inside countries bordering directly with Russia. We must understand that these strategic buffer points between Russia and the West are key to global harmony, and to step over the line is tantamount to declaring war. The Russians gave a little taster of their displeasure of the EU tampering by annexing the Crimea. More is to come as sure as the snow falls over the Urals and the vodka pours in the glass,” strategic analyst, Harold Kempfer revealed in a recent article on Wall Street.

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