Sony Executives Adopting Rectal Rehydration Latest Hollywood Fad

HOLLYWOOD - USA - Staff and executives for Sony Pictures have announced they are adopting a CIA torture method as a form of body cleansing.


“Yesterday I ordered more Rectal Rehydration kits from the CIA shop as we’re running out here. We need those kits pronto, the shit is streaming everywhere,” studio underling, Elaine Katzenjammer told Hacker Weekly magazine.


This is sure going to be an interesting studio Christmas party for the Sony executives, as ball and chainless president Obama himself is invited and that ‘spoiled brat minimal talent’ Angelina Jolie too.

Hollywood celebrities have also adopted the CIA rectal rehydration detox program en masse.

“It’s basically a reverse enema. They pump shit into you as opposed to out of you. What do you expect, we’re Hollywood, full of crap?” the extremely talented actor, Seth Rogan told Blockbuster magazine.