‘LibLabCon’ Film to be Released General Election Day

LONDON - England - The latest film released by a secretive production company located under the Houses of Parliament stars some serious players in the field of British and U.S. politics.


“What we have in this film are some amazing scenes of war, deception of the public, horror and the displacement and death of millions of people in the Middle East. It’s all thanks to stars like Brad Bliar, Arnold Cameronneger, Heinrich W. Bush, Dick Chainsaw, Ronald McRumfeld, Ed Mililiar, and a little yellow squirt who goes by the name of Nick Smeg.

“Cast your mind back fifteen years and you will see what has happened in the world, what atrocities these gentlemen have been party to, and you will realise that we’re living in a safer world now, a world where safety is terror, if you’re not terrified, you’re not safe. Remember that war is peace, and the perpetual war of terror is an endless road maiming and killing millions all on the behest of a few people in a room somewhere.

“This film will knock you out, lay you on the floor, and you may even do a little bottom burp or two when the final scene descends over you like a dark cloak of foreboding malice. Do not be afraid, it is simply the denouement, where all the players succumb to their plot line and reap the rewards of their harvest.

“No spoilers here mes amis, but consider this small enriching fact, if you build on debt upon debt upon debt, sooner or later the curtain is drawn and the tumultuous reality must thus be revealed.

“You may be poor, you may be rich, you may have a house in the country, you may send your kids to prep school, but war is the great equaliser, and total war is the merciless equaliser, where fighting in your local streets is a normal everyday activity.

“War is peace my friends, and think of the people who started all this war, they will be in their bunkers, they will be in their guarded chalets somewhere away from the cities (war zones) and they will be content, sleeping like babies at night, knowing of what they have done, without an ounce of compassion or conscience. Watch LibLabCon on election night, that is after you cast another useless vote which means you always get the same government you fucking plebs deserve every time, over and over, ad infinitum,” the film’s producer, Albert Cauliflower told Movie Weekly magazine.