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Harry and Meghan’s Vindictive Games a Big Success

DUSSELDORF - Germany - This year's Vindictive Games with Harry and Meghan has been another great success for the virtue signalling manipulative couple.

It was good news for Harry and Meghan and their Vindictive Games season where they frolic around wounded military veterans, so they can show off how caring they are, as well as show off their superior popularity to the royal family.

“If it means making my horrid British royal family look bad and less popular, we’re doing it. This is why we set up the Vindictive Games. It’s a place for some serious photo ops and Netflix filming at the expense of manipulated and used wounded veterans. I had one guy come up to me, he had both his legs blown off in Afghanistan. I immediately saw this as a great opportunity and called over the Netflix film crew and photographers,” Harry guffawed loudly during a BBC interview.

After the photo event, the couple get back in their private jet and fly back to Montecito, flush with funds earned from their sordid endeavours. Apparently, the Vindictive Games extravaganza occurs every fucking year.

“Yes, Harry pops his balding ginger head out every year for the publicity event called the Vindictive Games. William could not organise an event like this, and Harry is very proud of it. It’s a great venue for virtue signalling and being vindictive towards the royal family, as well as a good earner for the couple. Harry and Meghan get all the front page news while the royals are still stooped over their brandy at Balmoral,” a publicity agent revealed on Thursday.

Here’s to next year’s Vindictive Games, and the year after that, and the year after that …ad infinitum.


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