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Doh! Millions Given to French Didn’t Stop Illegal Boat Crossings

CALAIS - France - The French are dancing and partying with the millions paid to supposedly stop illegal migrant boats crossing the Channel.

The MSM and Rishi Sunak are so naive that it’s truly laughable. Did anyone actually think throwing away £438 odd million of UK taxpayer’s money to the French would actually stop the illegal boat crossings coming over the Channel? As soon as the ridiculous sum was announced by Fishy Rishi we knew it was a load of old codswallop.

The French are partying with the cash as we write this, they are enjoying gourmet meals at Michelin rated restaurants and drinking the finest wines, all with the UK taxpayer’s money thrown away so complacently by Sunak and his dumb government.

The boats keep coming day after day, and the 4-star hotels are all full of young lascivious men stalking the town’s and villages looking for English girls to fuck.

There is no moral stance to any of this, and there should be no needless outrage either, it is what it is. Of course, the Sunak mess could acquire some form of hubris to actually do something like what the Squib suggested, but these timid useless idiots do not have the guts or gall to do anything of substance like towing illegal boats back to French waters; bringing out the Navy, or dumping the ECHR/ECJ which is ruling over the flaccid Brexit that never really happened.

To our French friends, you did the right thing, you took the money from the idiots and you enjoyed yourselves. Who can blame our French friends for exercising their joie de vivre? You must be commended, applauded and maybe given millions more to enjoy yourselves. Les Rosbifs, simply do not have the necessary amount of les couilles to do anything of any value.

And from there, or from here, who cares mes amis? The Fishy Rishi and his greasy hair is a stooge, a bobbing head in a swamp of merde with nowhere to go but down. Glug! He swallow da shit from the assholes of British voters, because they will now vote Labour, or cease to vote altogether.

In a year or so — nothing — as usual will have been achieved and the newly instated Labour government will bring back the EU fully into the fold, and there will be no need for boats, just ferries. Come over, anyone who wants to come board from Calais, and land at Dover, simple!

…et par ailleurs, le pape est Catholique.

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