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Meghan and Harry Hired Photographers to Document Need For More Privacy

MONTECITO - USA - Harry and Meghan have pleaded for more privacy whilst being filmed by multiple photographers in their private home for a documentary on their need for more privacy.

“We wanted more privacy, so we hired a crew of cameramen and photographers to make a documentary on our need for increased privacy,” Harry revealed in the latest trailer for the couple’s Netflix series.

Life is terrible when you live in a $15 million Montecito mansion with 16 bathrooms, and vast manicured gardens around you.

Invasion of privacy

“We left Britain because we wanted more privacy from the horrid British people. That’s why you have to watch our new documentary, where photographers and video cameras record our every moaning session about our privacy being breached,” Meghan Markel remarked whilst being filmed in the privacy of her Montecito mansion.

In the upcoming documentary every private moment of the couple is filmed in glorious detail so that people can know that privacy is important especially if you are being paid millions of dollars to being filmed in private.

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