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BBC Mourns Loss of EU Directive Forcing Us to Eat Insects

LONDON - England - According to the BBC, Brexit is a tragedy because we won't be forced to eat insects by the EU.

Damn it, how are we going to live with ourselves now, apparently Brexit has ruined our chances of eating insects for the rest of our sorry lives. According to the BBC, the menu item of bugs is a huge loss for the planet.

The EU planned to force Britons to eat insects while members of the EU Commission and EU parliament would dine on filet mignon is something to be truly mourned.

“Because of Brexit, I will not have thousands of insects, some of them still alive, forced down my fucking throat for the rest of my pitiful life. God, I hate Brexit!” one man who read the horrendous news quipped.

eu insect food directive


One guy who enjoys eating insects in the EU parliament was licking his lips that because of Brexit Brits will now not be forced to eat cockroaches.

Guy Verhofstadt told Euronews on Monday: “To crunch on the hard shell of an insect until the guts ooze out is a most enjoyable dining experience for me. I particularly love the feeling of the insects still moving when I swallow them. Joyous! Praise the EU! If the stinking Brits and their Brexit don’t want to eat insects. More for me! Yummy!”

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