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Socialism is Not One Step Away From Communism

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Socialism is not one step away from communism, but two steps away.

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Socialism is actually two steps away from communism, and not one step away as previously thought, political analysts have revealed.

“For the complete demoralisation of a nation to take place, all education and institutions must first be infiltrated by socialists. Once they infiltrate these organisations, they will alter policy from the inside, and lay the foundations for further political development towards the final goal of communism.

“Socialism is an elementary starting point to indoctrinate the masses over generations, and includes the concept of soviet Political Correctness, which over the decades has morphed into what is called Wokism today. By utilising the cover of benevolence and inclusivity, the virtue signalling socialists inculcate a methodology of totalitarian power and control. These self-proclaimed arbiters of all morality are thus lauded as the high priests of all discourse. All opposition is thus labelled in black and white terms. If anyone dares to oppose the woke media machinery, or Democrat party they are labelled as racist, sexist, homophobic, trans phobic or peddlers of ‘hate speech’. Without any discussion, the opposition is thus cancelled.

The term political correctness first appeared in Marxist-Leninist vocabulary following the Russian Revolution of 1917.  SOURCE

“From this intermediate transitional stage, socialism eventually moves towards complete communism. Democracy will thus be eradicated completely — how can it function in an environment when all opposition is cancelled or silenced? The American socialist party, the Democrats, utilising their Big Tech creations, completely cancelled and removed all opposition on the internet and main stream media during the 2020 elections. By silencing all of the opposition, and any dissenting voice, or questioner, the socialists and their monopoly companies that dictate everything to billions of people globally were able to skew the US elections in 2020 with their technique of cancelling the opposition’s voice. That is not democracy, but totalitarianism.

“Seeing as socialists in America have predominant control over all media in the US, they are thus able to stay in power indefinitely. This will be the next stage where the socialists will eradicate the need for elections. Why bother having elections when there is only one party that has a voice? From there, full communism, and the ultimate goal of the socialists in America will be realised.”

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