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No Difference Between Salman Rushdie Knife Attacker and Woke Cancel Culture Censorship

NEW YORK STATE - USA - There is no difference between the knife attacker on writer Salman Rushdie and the woke cancel-culture censors on Big Tech monopoly sites.

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The appalling violent attack on writer Salman Rushdie in New York state yesterday is a message to all writers of literature in all its forms and is a testament to the immense importance of free speech in the West.

The knife man who stabbed Salman Rushdie tried to silence him forever. The woke censors of Silicon Valley with their monopolies are doing the same to many voices on their platforms — silencing us forever.

Whether you are a coward censor on Twitter hiding behind your little keyboard or some other woke global monopoly company or a knife man or a gunman, you are overtly acting as a censor with NO RIGHT to silence words that you either cannot comprehend or they offended some obscure strand of society.

All literature, all words and all art has a right to be heard. Even if you disagree with our stance here on the right to free speech and write an article about it, we would defend your right to voice your opposing opinion with our lives.

The Daily Squib has been permanently Shadow Banned on Twitter. You can only find us directly @DAILYSQUIB


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