Experts: Big Technological Shift Coming Soon

LONDON - England - The biological part of humans will be totally synthesised and understood by future technology and subsequently superseded by technology.

The globe is on the cusp of a large future technological event that will change everything about how we as humans live on this planet.

This massive shift into a new epoch of technological advancement will be akin to the Industrial era of the 19th Century in Europe.

In essence, the changes that will be incorporated will have vast significant repercussions but will essentially be a huge leap forward.

The technology that will change humanity forever is something that many will be scared by at first.

Much of the biological body is not necessary, and humans have hardly evolved in thousands of years.

We are still adapted to an existence thousands of years in the past. Future technological advances will thus incorporate nano machines within the body.

There will not be any need to eat or breathe as microscopic machines sustain us from the inside.


Backing-up your computer hard drive is a necessity, and it is incomprehensible that the human mind cannot be backed-up today. How many great scientific, artistic, literate minds have been lost so far? The future will ensure this never happens again, and we will be able to back-up our minds in full.

Medical science is still in the stone age, even though some are trying to move forward, possibly ahead of their time.

To augment, to enhance, to evolve. This is why brain implantation technology will revolutionise humanity in a huge leap in evolution. To begin first though, scientists will have to map out every dendrite, every neuron, every synapse and axon — a task that is enormous considering the fact that every human brain is different and unique.

Coupled with advancements in robotics, and artificial intelligence, humans will be able to formulate new ways of transport, and a new understanding of our universal standing.


Creating sentient beings that will be able to design, adjust and build other sentient beings will be the ultimate step towards a future that will enable earthlings to colonise new worlds across the universe.

This is why science and technology must be funded to the highest levels now, why we must put all of our efforts into making that evolutionary leap forward.

The future need not be a Brave New World, but one of ultimate technological creativity, of limitless possibilities encouraged to the full and not encased in moral boundaries and legal limitations.

Enhancing humans, amalgamating with machinery is the future, and from there all the current problems of humanity can be solved.

Some may say that conquering death through technology is a loss of humanity and soul, this is where they are wrong because everything in this universe has its own vibration, and a reason for existence.