No More Lads Stuff – Prince Harry Doomed As Meghan Declares Feminist Agenda

KENSINGTON - England - Poor Prince Harry has been tricked into marrying a politically correct feminist activist, Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry, the ultimate royal lad who loves the rugby and general laddery is doomed to a marriage without fun and games as Meghan Markle reveals she is a feminist activist.

There will be no more rugby games, or footie, just indoctrination into the pseudo-Marxist race-baiting agenda by his new mulatto wife, who is a member of BLM and undoubtedly has a very large chip on her shoulder, ready to trigger the race card at any moment.

Colonial artefacts purged from Queen’s palaces

The new member of the royal family, Meghan Markle also wants anything that shows Britain’s colonial past to be scrapped, including the Crown Jewels which have diamonds seized from former colony, India.

“I have been to Balmoral, and the Tower of London where the Queen keeps her Crown jewels. These are remnants of an Imperial colonial time in which Britain stole from countries and gave nothing back. I will make it my mission to change the royal family forever, and will demand they repatriate all of these stolen items to their former homes,” Markle shouted decisively at a courtier today.

The IQ challenged Prince realised the mistake he has made only today, after he was brutally scolded for watching highlights of the FA Cup final on telly. His American bride does not condone any form of laddish behaviour and to see the prince sitting on the sofa with a beer in his hand watching the match rerun infuriated her SJW Marxist feminist sensibilities. Any form of sport, is deemed as masculine and against emasculating feminine sensibilities.

“Everywhere I go in these palaces, all I see are antiquities and jewellery stolen from colonial lands. I am disgusted by it all. Also, there will be no hunting. I understand the royals like to hunt animals. I will put my foot down and disallow them from carrying on with it, and if they don’t stop I will be on the phone to PETA (an American organisation against animal cruelty),” Markle added.

There will thus be no more hijinks and laddery from poor old Prince Harry, who has now been consigned to the mortuary slab of politically correct activist death after marrying the American whose sole agenda is to castrate the royal family, and change them into something they definitely are not.

Goodbye Prince Harry, alas, we knew him well.