How the Royal Family Were Regaled By Minstrel Show and Exotic Gospel Reverend

WINDSOR - England - The royal wedding between Meghan and Harry has come and gone, however it has left a rather sour taste in the mouth of many who are aware of the past and present royal family.

To see the looks on the faces of the members of the royal family when Chicago Blues Brothers African American Bishop, Michael Curry went on, and on, and on, and on, and on…was a picture in itself.

“They were visibly shrinking in their seats as this chap proselytised about how this was a victory for race relations and babbled mumbo jumbo about Solomon, Martin Luther King, fire (the spread of Africans into Europe thousands of years ago) and love. It was a total amusing embarrassment to everyone, including black people, as this guy basically took over everything and pushed the race card down peoples’ throats proclaiming some sort of racial success over whitey. This was an Al Sharpton wet dream come true. First off, Meghan is a mulatto, she is not even full black. If she was, Harry would not be seen five hundred yards near her. These idiots think things have changed. It is hundred percent certain that behind safe closed doors they certainly have not, especially when it comes to the royals,” one of the revellers at the after wedding party revealed.

These were all exotic curiosities

The Bishop, would have even made James Brown cringe at his virtue signalling racist display, because all he was doing was saying that blacks had now infiltrated the pure bloods, and that black supremacy was well on the way to becoming a reality.


Nothing has changed

What these people do not understand is that humans today, especially the royal family, are essentially the same as people who lived thousands of years ago, with the same foibles and discriminatory outlook. Nothing will ever change humanity, and its general makeup. Nothing.

At least Princess Michael of Kent did not come wearing her little brooch this time, and showed some decorum.