The future does not need us humans, and sometimes this feeling gets closer and closer to reality. Hail, the age of the robots is upon us.

Watching the latest robots from Boston Dynamics (a former Google owned company) and the uncanny human movements they have acquired will truly make the hairs on your neck stand up.

The incredible technology is so advanced that this company has truly excelled beyond any other research development company on earth today.

Every day is one small step towards the Kurzweil Singularity, and one can imagine this coupled with advanced AI, and we have the recipe right there.


“I saw these robots and I shrunk into myself. It’s truly uncanny, scary to see such machine robots jumping and running around as if they were human or some kind of devilish animal. I can’t help thinking of these robots tracking humans down, their onboard weapons aided by heat seeking vision,” a man said after seeing the videos.


Could we all be walking towards a dystopian robot nightmare or will these robots serve humans obediently?

That is the question many ask, and it is certainly a pertinent question to be ruminating over.


Imagine running through a dark forest being chased by twenty of these things. You are out of breath but they never tire, you are fearful, but they have no feelings as they close in on you, their metal fangs and red eyes glow in the dark.

You trip over a tree stump, their night vision allows them to jump over it with ease, until you are cornered, out of breath, the last thing you hear is the whirring motors as the pack rips you apart, limb from limb.